Tuesday, 12 April 2011

This is the contents page that i created for my school magazine, again the purpose of this was to experimant with differnt font types, backgrounds and images in order to keep to the same style as the front cover.

The contents page along with the front cover use self taken images as well. The way in which the camara is positioned in each photo containing a person makes sure that the model makes eye contact with the camara thus making contact with the reader. The shot of the inside of the school building is designed in order to fit as much in to the lens as possible in order to show off the finished newly built school interior. the reson the text and images are presented as a slanted would be my personal decision on the style of the magazine and also various house styles i have seen in the past.

The back ground color reflects the bright in your face style i wanted to create but is also along with the actual contents page text reflectant of the schools colors.

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