Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Q Magazine analysis

The front cover of the magazine depicts the back ground as 100 % image of Madonna based largely down the right hand side with part of her head covering in the magazine title Q .this is a typical convention of well known music magazine and the reason they can afford to have part of the title covered is because they’re so well known to their target readers.  Madonna is shown to be looking at the camera lens with her mouth part open and face part covered creating a shadow effect, this deploys to the reader connotations of sexual appeal and the fact her eyes appear the shine brightly as she looks out ward towards the lens as though she is making contact with the reader.
The front cover also has layered text on top of the image colourer in red and white which stands out from the dork clothes Madonna is wearing this allows the reader to glance at the cover to see if there’s anything they want to read which will make them buy the magazine.

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