Tuesday, 12 April 2011

In order to practice and get to grips with the conventions of a magazine, i first created a school magazine in order to display and try out differnt tecneques which i could later use in my music magazine.

This is my front cover which displays the model in centre focus with the the main story dominating the centre width of the page. Other sub-heads and images appear arround the sides as they would in a real magazine.

In terms of conventional deatails i decided to include the school logo located at the bottom right of the page along with a bar code; these are features to a magazine which we would naturally expect to be included depending on the type of magazine.

I also decided to include a web-adress under the magazine name, i chose to do this because it links in with the school but also to show that the magazine is tecnolgically intergrated and could possibly have an online version of its self.

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