Friday, 15 April 2011

Audience Reserch

This is the questionaire i gave out again to the target audence in order to get their opinions on the work i had done on my magazine.

David Smith-Rice-Oxley

Sound Sphere Magazine Questionnaire

What feature attracts you about the front cover of the magazine?

Do you like the colour scheme? Circle…
Yes / No 

Do you thing the layout of the front cover looks conventional to other similar music magazines?

Why do you think this?

Does the imagery look realistic?

What would you suggest to improve about the front cover?

Does the contents page follow the same pattern in terms of house style with the front cover?

Suggest one thing you would change about the content page?

Could you tell the difference between the main article and a real music magazine article in the same genre?

What do you think about the lay out of the main article?

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