Monday, 28 March 2011

The purpose of creating this blog is to keep a valid account of the work i am doing for a-level media studies.

For the first task we split in to groups in order to obtain photgraphs to later become the main part of our indervidual creation for a school magazine.

Each group took their own photos positioned and shot how ever and where ever we wanted depending on the type of photos we wanted in our magazine.

There were various problems that we encountered while taking the photos ,such as the positioning of the subjects within shot and the areas the photos were going to be taken in. Due to conditions in school beond our control such as lower school pupils sitting exams ,we were restricted in most places with in the new school facillities where we had originally planned to shoot.
There was also a limmited amount of time in which we had to collect the main body of photos that we wanted to appear in the magazine and therefore we had to overcome problems fairly quickly in the photoshooting stages of the project.